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Still Life Gin

Art Meets Science

Invent. Drink. Repeat.

Somewhere between the creative chaos and eccentricity that symbolises art, and the analytical precision and control of science is a goldilocks zone. A place where beauty and intuition meet extensive experimentation and testing. This is the home of Still Life Gin. Without losing the classical roots of gin distilling, Still Life embraces the scientific process and bases its creations on experimental results. An ever-expanding database of flavour profiles, efficiency plots and tasting notes ensure that impeccable quality is attained in every blend.

The Process

Unlike most distilleries, the botanicals are distilled separately at Still Life. This allows the distillation process to be optimised for the specific characteristics of each botanical. Once the distillates are prepared is the fun part – experimentation with flavours and lots of taste testing… The final balance of flavours is then fine-tuned through further tweaking (and a bit more taste testing). Once a recipe is approved, the distillates are blended in batches to create the masterpiece gins.
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The People

The People

A Kiwi and an English(wo)man walked into a bar. And rather than being the start of a joke, this was the start of something much better. Still Life Gin. Sam and Geoff are two Engineers who have decided to follow their fondness for alcohol and swap spreadsheets for spirits. And then there were three… Charlie joined the team in late 2020 and while his tipple of choice is milk rather than gin at the moment, he’s pretty good for motivation! (Well, he motivates us to get up nice and early at any rate…)

And The Rest...

What’s a gin distillery without a bulldog? Muppet was a young pup in the early days of Still Life and grew with the business – whilst his opinions on flavour leave a lot to be desired, he’s always on hand to encourage taking the odd ‘taste testing’ break with a G&T in the sun.
British Bulldog with Exposure Gin
Still Life Gin
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